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 Kick-Off Night: Why Thor/Loki

Thor and Loki hold one of the most deepest and strongest bond of all Marvel Universe and not even all the unfavorable events placed upon them can break it apart. 

The codependency of their relationship was what really drove me to them tbh because it is so unhealthy and messy and at the same time so ridiculously intense and visceral,  it’s… like they need each other to validate their own existence. Thor’s unconditional love is overwhelming  and no matter  the countless times Loki can be obsessively cruel he is always willing to give his brother one more chance. Love which Loki refuses to comprehend because as much as he wants Thor all for himself, in his mind there’s no way that Thor with all his perfection is able to genuinely love someone like him. And so goes the drama, angst, tears etc etc etc…

No seriously they’re so gay for each other that this ship practically ships itself like how am I supposed to get over this?
and this
oh and this
 and don’t forget this (the thirst is real here)
clutches chest
sobs loudly
drowns in a pool of feels
okay last one

So basically I’m a masochist and I could fill up oceans with all the tears I had cried over these incestuous homos (ʘ‿ʘ✿)


Someone asked me to post the links to all them. I can’t remember who, and I can’t remember on which group so you all get to be exposed to my shameless self promotion :P


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~Loki~ “A Villian’s Heart” (One Shot/Complete) –

Did you ever wonder why Loki went so insane when he found out his father was actually the King of the Frost Giants? Thor goes to his cell to find answers.



~Loki~ “Midnight Visitors” (One Shot/Complete) –

Where does Loki go when he visits Midgard? To a mental hospital of course! It’s where the humans are most interesting!



~Loki~ “Sessions” (Chapters/Work in Progress) –

A human captive of Loki escapes the God only to find no refuge with her own people



~Loki~ “Legacy” (Chapters/Work in Progress) –

The God’s have walked Midgard unknown to us for thousands of years. It’s not surprising Loki would have a Daughter that he was unaware of, until Frigga brings it to his attention.



~Prince Hal/Hollow Crown~ “The Company Thou Keepest” (Chapters/Completed)

The Prince is not a cold hearted man as everyone assumes he is, when his young lover flees London in shame that she is with child, Hal is quick to go after her.



~Prince Hal/Hollow Crown~ “Dangerous Games~ (Chapters/Work In Progress)

A mysterious yet dangerous young woman catches Prince Hal’s eye.



~Adam (OLLA)~ “Dark Nights” (Chapters/Work in Progress)

This is a story based on the characters in the movie “Only Lovers Left Alive” with Tom Hiddleston as “Adam” and Tilda Swinton as “Eve” Abuse, D/s, H/C, OC, Tort



~Coriolanus~ “Spoils of War” (Chapters/Work in Progress)

Based on the Shakespeare play “Coriolanus” as portrayed by Tom Hiddleston at the Donmar Wherehouse in January and Feburary of 2014, The Roman General claims a young woman as his spoils of war. Abuse, Angst, D/s, M/F, M/s, Preg, Slave, WIP




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